Implemented projects

PASHA Bank and Junior Achievement Azerbaijan Support Youth Entrepreneurship

PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan's largest banks, and Junior Achievement Azerbaijan hosted an event to mark the end of the 'Sustainable Enterprise Development Programme'. The programme supported youth SME development in Ganja and Zagatala through business training sessions, helping participants to set up their new businesses and offering support throughout the process.

Since the programme was established in October 2013, it has benefited more than 60 budding entrepreneurs and SME owners. The programme participants were selected via an open application process that assessed applicants' enterprise experience and their proposed long-term business plans. Junior Achievement Azerbaijan helped participants to set up their enterprises and supported them through business training sessions and regular consultations. In addition, monthly sessions designed to raise participants' financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills were also held as part of the programme.

Junior Achievement Azerbaijan also linked the programme participants with business advisers, who assisted the entrepreneurs in transitioning their businesses from mere business plans into real entrepreneurial activities. Business meetings were invaluable ways for programme participants to reflect on the challenges they faced while setting up their businesses, discuss distribution and sales channels, assess consumer trends, and explore innovative solutions that can be applied in commercial activity.

At the event, the programme participants exhibited their businesses and gave presentations on their products and services. The panel, which consisted of business representatives from a variety of sectors, assessed each business proposal according to its feasibility, sustainability and innovativeness, as well as the team's presentation skills.

The event ended with an awards ceremony where the best three businesses received cash awards from PASHA Bank.,657/lang,en/