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International Children’s Mugam festival

The final concert of the 3-rd International Children's Mugam festival finalists arranged by Kainat Youth Centre was held in International Mugam Center on 12 October 2011 under the major sponsorship of Pasha Bank and with the assistance of the Ministries of Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan and was successfully concluded by rewarding the winners.

Along with Azerbaijani mugam admirers, the members of foreign countries representative offices, embassies accredited in the country and youth organisations from Germany and Finland attended the event to listen to enchanting performance of young talents aged up to 16 years. Besides Azerbaijani singers, the young musicians and specialists accompanying them from Turkey, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan successfully demonstrated their skills to demanding Azerbaijani audience during this international event holding having a unique place in the cultural life of the country.

Jury consisting of the people's artist of the Republic, Professor Aghasalim Abdullayev, Honoured Arts Worker of the Republic, Director of Opera and Ballet Theatre Hafiz Gouliyev, People's artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan Becknazar Dushmuradov; People's artist of the Republic of Turkmenistan Amanberdi Govshoudov, Turkish ethnomusicologist Oktay Yılmaz, Professor and Doctor Mrs. Amal El-Shahed from the Arab Republic of Egypt was assessing 15 young mugam singers.

The final concert was full of bright moments. Young singer Sadaf Budagov's strong voice and enchanting performance was greeted with ardent applauses of the audience. Another unforgettable singer was 8-year old Iroda Sapayeva from Uzbekistan. Congenitally blind little Iroda sang a song called Avazin Sesi with the rich and strong voice unusual for her age.

By unanimous decision of the jury board, the following participants were nominated:
Grand prize (Grand prix) - Sadaf Budagov - "Heyrati" - Azerbaijan;
1-st place - Husnu Ataseven - "Alibeyim" - Turkey;
First 2-nd place - Iroda Sapayeva - "Avazın senin" - Uzbekistan;
Second 2-nd place - Ovazgeldi Palvanov - "Dildarım geldi"- Turkmenistan;
First 3-rd place - Orkhan Nushirevanlı - "Shahnaz" - Azerbaijan;
Second 3-rd place - Fakhri Ismayılov - "Shikesteyi Fars tesnifi" - Azerbaijan;,310/lang,en/