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UNEC students met with PASHA Bank's Member of the Executive Board

Khayala Naghiyeva, PASHA Bank's Member of the Executive Board and Chief Risk Officer, met with the first-year students of the Finance, World Economy and Business Management faculties of the Azerbaijan State Economic University (UNEC).

20 female students attended the event, held in the main office of PASHA Bank. The key subjects of meeting with Mrs. Naghiyeva included the discussion of career opportunities for women in the labor market, the role of education in modern world, the importance of acquiring additional professional skills, etc.

According to Mrs. Naghiyeva, self-confidence and striving to be competitive is one of main components of success in the career of the modern woman.

“In this context, any progress is, first and foremost, the result of the woman’s professional self-improvement. For example, the financial sector is traditionally considered to be the male sphere, but the efforts made by the Bank and the successes we have achieved in ensuring gender balance shows the opposite trend. Thus, about 50% of the management positions at PASHA Bank are held by women, which makes us a unique financial institution in the local market,” Mrs. Naghiyeva said.

It should be noted that the meeting of Mrs. Naghiyeva with UNEC students was another event held by PASHA Bank as part of the initiative for women empowerment and adherence to gender balance in the local labor market (Women Empowerment).,1355/lang,en/