ATENA Dairy Plant
• PASHA Bank has invested in a milk processing plant that belongs to Atropatena LTD and is located in the Agjabedi region.
• The project is of particular significance as it provides the population with natural and high quality local produce.
• In a country with increasing demand for dairy products, it is vital for the provision of food security.

Metal Structures Plant
• A new Garadagh Metal Structures Plant "Azeristeel" with 12,600 m2 production area and consistent with all the relevant standards started its operations with the financial support of PASHA Bank.
• Currently, monthly output of the plant is 5,000 tons of metal products conforming to all modern standards.
• The plant is equipped with modern Kaltenbach (Germany), Corimpex (Italy) and Akyapak (Turkey) equipment.

Cement Plant
• PASHA Bank and German Commerzbank AG signed a EURO 17 million Individual Loan Agreement to finance the purchase of equipment from Germany for Qizildash Cement Plant.
• The plant is to be built in Garadagh, Baku; The total cost of the project is USD 240 million.