PASHA Bank organizes an auction for the sale of used vehicles available on Bank’s balance

Individuals and legal entities wishing to participate in the auction have to submit their offers to PASHA Bank in sealed envelopes by 20.11.2020.

The offer should include the following information:
• For individuals: offer price, an ID card copy and bank details.
• For legal entities: offer price, an ID card copy of the company’s legal owner and bank details.

Total number of vehicles for sale - 5. The vehicles will be sold in one lot only, separate sale it is not available.

Additional notes:
1. Registration of vehicles in the State Traffic Police Department will be carried out at the expense of the buyer;
2. VAT will be paid by the Bank.

Offers should be sent to: PASHA Bank Head Office, 13 Yusif Mammadaliyev Street, Baku, AZ1005, Azerbaijan
Responsible person: Saida Babayeva, Specialist of Procurement and Administration Department

Detailed information about the vehicles and the starting price are as follows:

Marka Marka Tipi Rəng Bura-
xılış il
Qeydiyyat nişanı
rikin həcmi
Yürüş, Km Başlanğıc qiyməti
Lexus ES-350 Sedan Ağ Mirvari 2016 10-PB-516
3,500 141,603 47,000.00 ₼
Toyota Avalon Sedan Ağ Mirvari 2015 10-PE-203
3,500 201,254 38,000.00 ₼
Toyota Avalon Sedan Ağ Mirvari 2015 10-PE-204
3,500 108,963 46,000.00 ₼
Toyota Avalon Sedan Ağ Mirvari 2015 10-PE-205
3,500 177,624 40,000.00 ₼
Toyota Avalon Sedan Ağ Mirvari 2015 10-PB-208
3,500 136,356 43,000.00 ₼,1589/lang,en/