With Card-to-Card service, you may rapidly and easily transfer money from one card to another, all participating banks of network. The funds transferred by you will reach the recipient immediately. There is no limit on the amount of the funds being transferred using «Card to Card» service.

"Card-to-Card" operation is implemented as below:
• Insert the card into ATM and input PIN-code;
• Choose the "Card-to-Card" function and input the number of the addressee's card;
• Input the expiration date of the addressee's card as well as the amount of the funds to be transferred;
• The operation gets executed and you receive a receipt of the transaction.

The main benefits of the "Card-to-Card" service are:
• Money transfer 24/7
• This service is quicker and cheaper than urgent money transfer services;
• The amount of funds transferred is not limited;
• Money transfer does not require visiting the bank.