Bank Cards

Security tips

Our priority is to keep your money safe.

Your PASHA Payment Card comes with some useful security features that help protect against fraud and identify theft.

Credit card protection

•   Chip and PIN
Chip and PIN is the most secure way to pay worldwide. Instead of signing for goods, you will be asked to enter a unique 4-digit Personal Identification Number known only to you.

•   Card Verification Code
The CVC - a unique security feature of every card - is the 3-digit number on the back of the card (usually in the signature strip). This is another way of identifying a legitimate transaction.

•   PASHA Bank Secure
PASHA Bank provides you with a one-time password that can be used to make purchases online.

• Fraud warning
If we suspect a fraudulent transaction on your debit/credit card, we will call you to verify it. You can also sign up for free fraud text alerts so that we can send fraud warnings straight to your mobile.

•   Risk Countries

Prevention of fraud and deception of plastic cards

In order to ensure the safety of your assets, PASHA Bank has taken additional measures and imposed restrictions on some operations in high-risk countries. Although each card has a chip, in some countries the Chip Liability Shift Program is still not adopted or partially adopted.

Therefore, in the high-risk countries on the list, you will be able to perform only pin-chip or pin-contactless operations with your plastic cards. If you wish to use other types of operational opportunities of your plastic card, please contact us before traveling to these countries.,1041/lang,en/