Deliver cutting-edge business solutions with our Agile Team

  • PASHA Bank takes pride to invest in People as our employees craft our Success Story.

  • PASHA Bank creates an opportunity for not only thinking but also acting out of box. Here workplace is a space that recognizes and respects Your Voice.

  • We ensure friendly and impactful work environment. Because, PASHA Bank cares that you enjoy work and life at the same time.

  • Here no one counts your work hours but count on Your Expertise and Contributions. Our agile way of management provides perks of identifying where and how to work autonomously.

What is Agile?

Agile is a new method of work and management required in the era of highly advanced technologies and digitalization. Only agile, open-minded and knowledge-driven businesses are likely to thrive in this enormously competitive environment. PASHA Bank, within the frame of a new Development Strategy for the years of 2018-2020, is developing advanced digital channels, digital sales channels and internal capabilities. By the end of new strategic period, we aim to achieve 90% of customer transactions in ADC. To accomplish this overarching goal, PASHA Bank embarked on a journey of rapid shift to agile way of working.

Why to go Agile?

  • Agile squads work autonomously and feel a real team spirit by living it
  • With the help of technology and agile tools employees have a better control over time they spend at work, thus they can enjoy better work-family balance
  • Agile working ensures efficient, effective and energized environments
  • Equal power distributed across company, smart workspace design and cutting-edge management styles elevate employees’ morale and productivity
  • Agile is an iterative and incremental way of working and leading projects
  • Top-notch products and services are developed through agile way of planning, designing, testing and deployment processes
  • Agile reduces risks, saves precious time and cost, and accelerates Return of Investment
  • Customer lies at the heart of Agile – needs are regularly explored and addressed in a timely manner
  • Agile helps businesses co-create ideas, products and services together with customers
  • Customer satisfaction increases because Agile ensures prompt business transactions and better customer relations through effective digital means

Who We are?

The First Digital Bank of Azerbaijan

Take part in building the first digital bank from the scratch under the umbrella of PASHA Bank

Best Growth Opportunities for Digital Talents

Learn from the best international and local digital gurus

Develop products according to modern methodologies – Agile, design thinking, etc.

Use modern languages, technologies & tools

Agile Working Culture

Impact-oriented culture, ready for changes and no bureaucracy

New office space designed especially for Digital Cool Environment and amazing Seaview

The First Digital Bank of Azerbaijan
Best Growth Opportunities for Digital Talents
Agile Working Culture


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