Our values and philosophy of customer cooperation


Our values and philosophy of customer cooperation

Our brand ideology reflects the opinion, culture, tradition and values of our company and forms our relations with customers. Ideology of PASHA Bank is based on 3 values:

Truthfulness and Transparency. Life is ever-changing; the country we live in is ever developing. Only humane values that we hold above everything remain intact – truthfulness, integrity, transparency. Therefore namely these qualities have always been and will remain the calling card of our bank.

Excellence and Quality. Aimed at a Limited Customer range, we maintain the prestige, our leading position in the market and provide financial services that meet the highest international standards. Availing ourselves of the most advanced and banking and information technologies in our work, we promptly react to ever-changing market challenges and remaining committed to our mission, we strive to fulfill it in the most effective way.

Professionalism and Individual Approach. Customer policy of the Bank is aimed at establishing and developing long-lasting cooperation with customers. This means that we are always ready to move forward with our Customers hand in hand, support them in different situations of life, and provide professional assistance in resolving any issue related to finance and cash flow.
Besides providing all banking services to our Customers, we treat them individually and offer individual services that satisfy their special needs and requests. Professional management, iron ties established with local and international institutions, strong financial and technical aids – all of these is a guarantee of stability and reliability of our Bank.

Visual concept of our values is reflected in the color array of our logo. Red color considered as energy and fire symbol in nature reflects the leader position, strength and vigilance of our Bank. Being symbol of life, regeneration, perennial youth stands for trust in tomorrow, positive worldview, achievement of goals and aiming at perfection.

The logo, which is the symbol of ancient cultural traditions, moral values and modern thinking, represents the main premise of our ideology – idea of creation of new reality.


PASHA Bank introduces Tieto Card Suite for contactless payment cards


PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan’s largest banks, has introduced Tieto Card Suite for acquiring and issuing VISA and MasterCard contactless cards.


PASHA Bank acts as underwriter and market maker for the latest bond issues of Bakcell, AccessBank and UniBank


PASHA Bank, one of Azerbaijan’s leading banks, has successfully issued bonds for three leading Azerbaijani companies through its subsidiary, PASHA Capital. The Bank acted as underwriter and market maker in the placement of the AZN 40 million Bakcell and the AZN 12 million AccessBank bond issues. PASHA Bank also acted as market maker for UniBank’s AZN 20 million placement. PASHA Bank is also providing daily liquidity and quotations for each of these three bonds.