Bank Cards

PASHA Bank offers its customers bank cards on MasterCard and Visa international payment systems that operate in up to 200 countries. The Bank provides additional opportunities and value added services to its cardholders.

PASHA Bank is pleased to advise for selection of the following credit and debit cards depending on the particular needs of customers.

Payroll (salary) cards

Payroll (salary) cards are the cards used by employers for payment of salaries, bonuses and other like compensations to their employees.

Customs Card

Customs Card is used for payment taxes and duties in customs terminals only in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Corporate Card

Corporate Card is a credit card used by management and personnel of a company in business trips, for overheads and other administrative expenses related to the business activity of the company

FLEXI Card and FLEXI PayPass Card

FLEXI Card and FLEXI PayPass Card are provided to customers for their personal needs. Unlike FLEXI Card, FLEXI PayPass Card is a contactless card product

Premium Card

Premium Card is a credit card offered to company owners and managers served by PASHA Bank for their personal use.



Additional card services:

SMS Notification Service

SMS notifications about all card transactions

Security tips

Our priority is to keep your money safe.

Your PASHA Payment Card comes with some useful security features that help protect against fraud and identify theft.

3D Secure Service

Service for increasing security of online card payments

For additional information please contact PASHA Bank Business Centers, Contact Center at (994 12) 496 50 00 or email address.