PASHA Bank offers student loans at favourable rates for ADA University students who need help paying their tuition fees.
Our loans are available to both incoming Bachelor's and Master's students after completing the first semester of their studies. Students on the foundation programme are unfortunately not eligible to apply for a loan.

There are two types of loans available: social, which are financed by ADA, and commercial, which are financed by PASHA Bank. Social loans are offered to students who fulfill the requirements of ADA University (GPA, performance during the courses). Commercial loans, issued by PASHA Bank. Once the student has satisifed the conditions of both ADA and PASHA Bank, they will then receive their funds.

Loan amount, period and initial payment:
• Bachelor's students can repay their social loans over a period of up to eight years. For Master's students, the loan period is up to five years
• The repayment period for commercial loans is one year for all students
• Loan amount covers maximum 60% of tuition fee (ADA loan 40%)

Interest rates and fees:
The annual interest rate is 7% for social loans and 14% for commercial loans. When taking out a loan, the customer must pay an additional fee for life insurance (the exact amount depends on the size of the loan), 0.85% commission of the total amount for loan screening, and 0.15% commission for payment transfer.

Borrower eligibility :
• Nationality: citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan
• Age: minimum 28, maximum 60 at the time of the loan's last payment date
• Duration of employment with current employer: minimum 6 months
• Credit history: maximum number of days of delayed payments for all credits over the last 3 years must not exceed 30 days
• Credit worthiness: the debt-to-income ratio, calculated by dividing the borrower's maximum monthly debt payments (including the expected monthly repayments of the student loan) by his/her monthly income, should not exceed 50%.

Guarantee and insurance requirements:
When the loan amount is up to 1 500 AZN, a guarantor is not required
When the loan amount is between 1500-3000 AZN, 1 guarantor is required
When the loan amount is more than 3 000 AZN, 2 guarantors are required
The customer is also obliged to pay a life insurance fee during the loan period; this fee depends on the size of the loan, the loan period, the interest rate and the age of the client.

Documents required for loan application:
• ID cards, international passports and driving licences of the student and his/her parents;
• Monthly income statements for the last 6 months from the employer of the student (if he/she is employed) and his/her parents;
• Certificates of properties (such as house, land or car) that the student and his/her parents own;
• Statements of the loan history of the student and his/her parents; the Bank's representative will obtain these after receiving the written permission of the student and his/her parents;
• A statement certifying that the applicant is a student at ADA University;
• Invoice from ADA University.
ADA University manages the student loan application process. Documents are gathered by ADA officials and are then passed on to PASHA Bank. Family members or other representatives of the student can apply for the loan on behalf of the student.

Loan disbursement
If the decision on the loan is positive:
• Relevant agreements are prepared and signed in the Business Centre of the Bank
• The borrower makes the insurance payment
• The borrower pays the commission fees: 0.85% for application review and 0.15% for the transfer of funds
• An account is opened for the borrower and the borrower deposits the down payment
• The Bank transfers the total tuition fee to ADA University (down payment plus loan amount) against the tuition fee invoice that has been issued.